The 2022 Urban Canyon Crawler Rerun

Completed by Collin Foxley: February 26, 2022


Name Distance Elev. Gain Time Avg. Speed
The First Battle 0.69mi 30ft 00:03:22 12.25mph
Pavement breather 1.65mi 89ft 00:01:10 84.91mph
Marion Bear transition 1.06mi 69ft 00:05:06 12.46mph
Get outta Rose Creek! 0.65mi 23ft 00:02:04 18.8mph
Across Genesse 0.14mi 10ft 00:00:36 14.11mph
Don't be Afraid of the Dark! 0.08mi 20ft 00:00:54 5.26mph
University Village Climb 0.3mi 82ft 00:01:40 10.67mph
Road Transition 1.96mi 62ft 00:10:18 11.44mph
Uphill jumps 0.65mi 125ft 00:04:08 9.48mph
Clairmont xing 0.67mi 13ft 00:03:24 11.89mph
Neighborhood ramble 0.36mi 3ft 00:01:28 14.59mph
Balboa xing 0.14mi 13ft 00:01:08 7.47mph
Tecolote transition 1.03mi 128ft 00:06:08 10.05mph
Return to Tecolote 0.93mi 7ft 00:03:04 18.19mph
USD Wall 0.21mi 95ft 00:01:48 7.06mph
Get to the Party Island! 1.0mi 0ft 00:04:22 13.78mph
Is this Cross Worlds????!!!?! 1.74mi 56ft 00:06:58 14.98mph