The Great Southern Loop!

presented by

Josie Fouts

January 8, 2021 to January 31, 2021

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Total Distance: 29.61mi Elevation Gain: 1750ft

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Y'all have heard of the Great Western Loop, now for all you gravel grinders, we have the Great Southern Loop! Same start as GWL, riders will leave from Rancho San Diego for a neutral rollout on the pavement. Once on the dirt the race is on as riders slice and hook their way through Par 4 trail to get over to Miller Ranch Road. Neutral across Campo road, but not long after is the first KOM segment, which is a road climb up Miller Ranch road. After that, riders will start to circumnavigate Mt. Miguel by heading East to Proctor Valley for some delightful single track parallel to the road. Heading South will get riders to Otay Lakes, where after a bit of neutral road, more single track along the edge of the lake. At the most Southern point on the course, riders will start to double back along the Centennial Path, a speedy crushed gravel walking/biking path. One final neutralization coming into Mt. Miguel County Park before the last challenge of the Sweetwater Reservoir trails. These trails are fast but probably some of the most technical sections on route as well, with moments where you wished you brought the full sus. After getting back to Campo road, it's just one mile back to start where the last 200m are neutralized so you can cruise into the finish. *IMPORTANT NOTES* Water refill is available in Mt. Miguel County Park, it is neutral so it will not impact your time At mile 26.18 - there is a fork and the course heads right, head left at this section instead, you will thank me (Route needs to be 95% the same to count, so the slight deviation won't impact the upload). *PRIZES* There is a huge prize list from notable brands such as: Oveja Negra, Swiftwick and more! Prizes for top in your age group, as well as KOM + sprint overall / gender. Every PARA racer will receive a prize! There will be a raffle drawing for those that register AND complete the route. Prizes can be picked up at (Downtown/Banker's Hill) UpTown Bicycles starting Feb 1. DM any route questions to @taywar92 on IG


NameTypeStart Dist.End Dist.Dist.Elev. Gain
Neutral rolloutNeutral01.47mi1.47mi20ft
Campo Road crossingNeutral2.86mi3.29mi0.43mi105ft
One for the roadies!Climb3.41mi4.21mi0.8mi312ft
Neutral ProctorNeutral6.08mi7.26mi1.17mi30ft
Sprint dam it!Sprint9.85mi10.73mi0.88mi10ft
Lakeside chillin'Neutral11.02mi12.41mi1.39mi39ft
Pathletes onlyNeutral14.25mi14.67mi0.42mi20ft
O-lympin' homeNeutral15.77mi16.27mi0.5mi39ft
More dirt pleaseNeutral17.12mi17.62mi0.5mi85ft
Centennial sprintSprint18.78mi18.9mi0.13mi0
Final breatherNeutral18.96mi21.73mi2.77mi190ft
Dead Cow connector climbClimb22.6mi23.05mi0.45mi197ft
Ouch that's hotClimb26.94mi27.17mi0.23mi79ft
Another Campo crossingNeutral28.35mi28.72mi0.38mi13ft
Final kilometer!!!Sprint28.82mi29.46mi0.63mi16ft
Neutral finishNeutral29.47mi29.68mi0.21mi0


Results are preliminary until the race is finished.
AthleteRace GenderRace DivOA TimeSprint TimeClimb TimeOA RankGender RankDiv RankSprint RankClimb Rank
Juan TapieroMale/Open30-3401:43:1200:06:0900:12:0811111
Cris NobleMale/Open30-3401:50:1900:07:0400:13:5622242
Sideshow BobMale/Open25-2901:51:5300:06:1900:18:0633125
Esther WalkerFemale30-3402:05:2600:07:2300:13:4541111
jimmy bMale/Open45-4902:06:3500:07:3700:16:0754153
Dave MilsomMale/Open50-5402:08:4500:06:4800:16:0965134
Andrea TobinFemale35-3902:44:5000:08:0800:20:2872122


AthleteRace GenderRace DivisionRegistration Date
ZendmasterFemaleOpen PC1/7/21
Taylor WarrenMale/Open25-291/7/21
Keo SarMale/Open30-341/7/21
Rene LeyvaMale/Open35-391/7/21
Sharkbait DreMale/Open45-491/7/21
Erica Female45-491/7/21
Robby Male/Open35-391/7/21
Julie BartolomeiFemale30-341/7/21
Meg KnobelFemale35-391/10/21
Angel Ivan Lopez CantoMale/Open40-441/10/21
Corey JamesonMale/Open18-241/11/21
Lady PatFemale55-591/12/21
Larry TanzoMale/Open50-541/15/21
Greg KogutMale/Open45-491/17/21
nick brockMale/Open30-341/17/21
Derby PattengillMale/Open50-541/17/21
Samantha WattsFemale18-241/17/21
Terry JohnesMale/Open55-591/17/21
Katherine NadlerFemale30-341/18/21
Taylor DensonMale/Open30-341/18/21
Gabriele CanziMale/Open35-391/18/21