Hippy Crit 4

Completed by Jeff DeGuide: November 27, 2020


Name Distance Elev. Gain Time Avg. Speed
Dancing in the Moonlight 1.25mi 315ft 00:06:08 12.27mph
Slow your roll 0.86mi 0ft 00:03:31 14.6mph
Up, up, up! 1.13mi 338ft 00:06:36 10.29mph
Muirland Cruise 0.93mi 0ft 00:04:41 11.88mph
Alejandro Valverde's climb 1.3mi 341ft 00:07:10 10.85mph
Fore!! 1.03mi 20ft 00:04:44 13.09mph
Hillside is the ill side 1.12mi 456ft 00:08:23 8.0mph
Fastest Bicycler Alive!!! 1.79mi 0ft 00:03:41 29.2mph