Hippy Crit 4

presented by Taylor Warren

November 22, 2020 to November 29, 2020

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Total Distance: 15.81mi Elevation Gain: 1835ft

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Four faces of Soledad presented by Coffee Cycle. A Challenging route that explores the many short punchy climbs up this iconic mountain located within the city limits. Start and finish at Coffee Cycle. Prizes will be awarded for best overall climbing time and fastest mountain sprinter. No prizes for the overall route time and most of the descents have been neutralized due to the condition of some roads and to be safe on open streets. Riders must go through the gate at the top of Valverde to connect over to Country Club. Be sure to fuel up with an espresso before the start and enjoy a decadent pastry upon return. Competition: Top 3 overall climb time male/female Top sprint time male/female Coffee beans from Coffee Cycle Coffee tumbler from Coffee Cycle Prizes from Uptown Bikes as well as discounts upon route completion Surprise raffle, must finish and upload route to be eligible!


NameTypeStart Dist.End Dist.Dist.Elev. Gain
Dancing in the MoonlightClimb2.07mi3.32mi1.25mi315ft
Slow your rollNeutral3.51mi4.36mi0.86mi0
Up, up, up!Climb4.68mi5.81mi1.13mi338ft
Muirland CruiseNeutral5.95mi6.87mi0.93mi0
Alejandro Valverde's climbClimb7.01mi8.3mi1.3mi341ft
Hillside is the ill sideClimb10.21mi11.33mi1.12mi456ft
Fastest Bicycler Alive!!!Sprint12.66mi14.45mi1.79mi0


Results are preliminary until the race is finished.
AthleteRace GenderRace DivOA TimeSprint TimeClimb TimeOA RankGender RankDiv RankSprint RankClimb RankDetails
Juan TapieroMale/OpenOpen (no divisions)00:52:3400:03:4200:24:36111143Details
Cody JungMale/OpenOpen (no divisions)00:54:4500:03:0600:22:3522262Details
Kevin PrichardMale/OpenOpen (no divisions)00:56:0400:02:5900:27:3133338Details
Esther WalkerFemaleOpen (no divisions)00:56:5400:03:1100:26:0041121Details
Robin CarpenterMale/OpenOpen (no divisions)00:58:0100:02:3700:22:0254411Details
Allen LeisorekMale/OpenOpen (no divisions)01:00:1700:02:5000:28:19655210Details
Everett HauserMale/OpenOpen (no divisions)01:01:2600:03:0800:27:0976677Details
Jeff DeGuideMale/OpenOpen (no divisions)01:01:5000:03:4100:28:17877139Details
Robby Male/OpenOpen (no divisions)01:02:4400:03:4100:26:16988125Details
jimmy bMale/OpenOpen (no divisions)01:03:1800:03:1200:30:501099811Details
Dave MilsomMale/OpenOpen (no divisions)01:03:3600:03:1600:31:39111010913Details
Cris NobleMale/OpenOpen (no divisions)01:03:5900:03:2500:32:421211111114Details
Katherine NadlerFemaleOpen (no divisions)01:05:4600:03:1200:30:19132233Details
Pike HarrisMale/OpenOpen (no divisions)01:06:3300:03:0600:31:33141212512Details
Taylor WarrenMale/OpenOpen (no divisions)01:07:5200:03:0000:25:5215131344Details
ZendmasterFemaleOpen (no divisions)01:08:0700:03:0100:29:47163312Details
Breddie MurckxMale/OpenOpen (no divisions)01:15:4800:03:5200:33:071714141615Details
Joseph AgnesMale/OpenOpen (no divisions)01:16:1000:03:1600:26:17181515106Details
Julio HermozaMale/OpenOpen (no divisions)01:25:4200:03:5700:45:451916161717Details
Brian JollieMale/OpenOpen (no divisions)01:46:1700:03:4700:37:532017171516Details
Amy WhetterFemaleOpen (no divisions)01:47:2000:03:4500:37:20214444Details


AthleteRace GenderRace DivisionRegistration Date
Julie BartolomeiFemaleOpen (no divisions)11/22/20
Zack GoodmanMale/OpenOpen (no divisions)11/23/20
Ed PhilbrickMale/OpenOpen (no divisions)11/23/20
daveMale/OpenOpen (no divisions)11/24/20
Graham JohnsonMale/OpenOpen (no divisions)11/24/20
CurtisMale/OpenOpen (no divisions)11/26/20
Sebastian GraeberMale/OpenOpen (no divisions)11/28/20
calebMale/OpenOpen (no divisions)11/28/20
jenna kleinFemaleOpen (no divisions)12/1/20