Apple Pie Ride

Completed by Cody Jung: November 4, 2020


Name Distance Elev. Gain Time Avg. Speed
78 Be Safe 0.73mi 36ft 00:01:04 41.14mph
Banner Descent Be Safe 4.85mi 919ft 00:07:18 39.87mph
Banner Climb 4.4mi 1929ft 00:24:17 10.87mph
Sunshine Sprint 0.44mi 95ft 00:01:39 16.07mph
Wynola Rollers 0.71mi 207ft 00:02:32 16.7mph
Wynola Climb 2.63mi 367ft 00:05:41 27.81mph
78 FREEway 2.04mi 138ft 00:53:03 2.31mph
Mesa Grande West 1.49mi 623ft 00:05:55 15.06mph
Back to School 0.7mi 62ft 00:01:19 31.74mph
78 Back for more pie! 1.93mi 151ft 00:06:43 17.27mph