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The Great Southern Loop!
presented by Josie Fouts

Sport: cycling

Distance: 29.61mi

Elevation gain: 1750ft

January 8, 2021 to January 31, 2021

Hippy Crit 4
presented by Taylor Warren

Sport: cycling

Distance: 15.81mi

Elevation gain: 1835ft

November 22, 2020 to November 29, 2020

Apple Pie Ride
presented by Lady Pat

Sport: cycling

Distance: 53.99mi

Elevation gain: 6476ft

October 24, 2020 to November 8, 2020

The safest way to compete during the pandemic. Race while maintaining social distance.

GPSRace allows you to race others, on your own. Ride the route (without drafting!), upload your GPX file, and see how your effort stacks up. And, we promise to never hide your results behind a paywall. Find a race and start competing!

Easy to create, easy to participate.

No fancy timing equipment? No problem. GPSRace uses data recorded from GPS-enabled devices like your smartphone or smartwatch to capture your finish times. It takes less than five minutes to create a race - all you need is a GPX file of the route to create a race.

Discover new routes and have fun with it.

Explore the races created by fellow athletes in your community - you might just find a new favorite route! Challenge yourself on intermediate climbs and sprints to add some variety to your ride. See what races have been created in your area, or create one yourself.